This WP carry out all activities required to exploit the results of the project. The dissemination activities would combine general actions to a wider public, in order to reach a good visibility of project analysis and recommendations, with ad-hoc actions targeted to relevant stakeholders that can contribute to implement the recommendations of the project.

Projection to other sectors beyond ICT

Dissemination activities

Under this task the three types of dissemination activities described in section 2.2. Will be accomplished, namely:

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1. Dissemination of project academic results:

This dissemination action consists in an open publication and communication of the academic results of the project. The dissemination action will include publication of academic / Intellectual Property papers in well-recognized journals. The project will also take advantage of scientific conferences and exhibitions held worldwide. The most representative International Conferences and workshops shall be identified to concentrate the dissemination efforts in those and make the best use of the resources

2. Disseminations to relevant stakeholders:

This dissemination action consists in targeting specific stakeholders that may be in the position to put in place some of the recommendations of the project

3. Stakeholder conference:

A specific action would be organizing a conference in which relevant stakeholders will be invited to analyse and debate around the findings and proposal arising from the project

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