This WP aims at proactively proposing new framings or tweaks to existing scenario that could foster a more responsible innovation that maximizes their contribution to the societal progress. The specific objectives of the assessment are:

• Identify deficits in the current IPR regime relevant for the ICT industries;
• Identify opportunities for changing or adjusting the current IPR regime and design recommendations for their implementation;
• Assessing the economic and societal impacts of possible changes of the IPR regime;
• Identify priorities among the proposed changes and impediments and drivers for their implementation.


Proposed alternative framing (changes & tweaks on the Patent current system )

The analysis will conduct an in-depth evaluation of existing foresight studies and ex-ante impact assessments of possible future scenarios, including studies on technological development trends, future market growth and investments and existing foresight activities. The impact assessment will start with the identification of possible alternative framings and related desirable economic and social potential (targets). Information collected in WP2 about problems and shortcomings of the current IPR regime will be enriched by forward-looking projections on future developments based on a collective assessment by relevant stakeholders.

Download the finale reports of WP3

Assessment of the societal impact of the proposed framing

An expert survey will be implemented with the aim of defining and prioritizing the main elements of possible changes of the current IPR regime identified. The outcome of the survey will be compared to the results of WP2 and integrated into a comprehensive report on priorities of required changes of the IPR regime, their potential impacts and possible drivers and barriers related to their implementation.


Impediments and Levers for the Implementation

The analysis of the results of previous tasks will be translated into suggestions for the establishment of a supportive IPR regime not only addressing the economic, but also societal impacts, that keeps the pace and adapts to rapid changes of the ICT industries and to new and changing needs of the society

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