Technology Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution

A vision of the technology in 2020 from the Intellectual Property perspective

30 October 2017, 9:30-14:00.

Distrito Telefónica. Edificio Central, Auditorium B (Access A)

Ronda de la Comunicación



We are in the midst of a technological revolution without precedence. New technological paradigms such as big data, blockchain and the internet of things as well as major breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, autonomous vehicles and cellular networks (5G), are not only changing our lives, but also bringing new challenges in terms of managing innovation, technology and intellectual property.

In this workshop key figures from the academia, the industry and the public sector will debate about arising challenges and opportunities in the 4th industrial revolution with a strong focus on the ICT sector, as its main enabler.



  • Marta Pastor López.  Telefónica, Dir.Intellectual Property and New Technologies
  • Patricia García-Escudero.  OEPM, General Director
  • Susana Bayón Plaza.  Repsol, Director Intellectual Property

Keynote speaker 1: Industry 4.0 and its impact on the patent system

  • Grant Philpott.  EPO, Principal Director

Panel-1: Academic approach to the new technology management paradigms

  • Moderator: Eduardo Fullea Telefónica Patent Office. CIFRA project coordinator
  • Knut Blind. Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, TU Berlin
  • Andrea Fosfuri. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Keynote speaker 2: How to protect the Big Data results

  • Francisco Martin. BigML, Co-founder & CEO

Keynote speaker 3: The future of Artificial Intelligence and the IPR implications

  • Tina Chappell. Intel Corporation, Associate General Counsel

Panel-2: The ICT Industry vision

  • Moderator: Michael Loch. GSMA, Head of Intellectual Property
  • Claudia Tapia. Ericsson, Director IP Policy
  • Heinz Polsterer. Deutsche Telekom, Head of Standardization and IPR Management
  • Dylan Lee.Huawei, Director Licensing and Technical Transaction

Keynote speaker 4: The vision from European Commission about ICT Standards

  • Emilio Dávila-González. European Commission. DG CONNECT. Head of Sector ICT Standardisation


  • Luis Ignacio Vicente. Head of the Telefónica Patent Office

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